EU Desk Overview

The TCF project has concluded successfully in December 2016.  As of January 2017, the operation of the EU Desk at BKPM, located at BKPM – Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (Jl. Jed. Gatot Subroto No. 44 Jakarta, 12190 Indonesia) will be resumed and supported by the EU-Indonesia Business Network



What is the EU Desk?

The EU Desk is a facilitation service within the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), dedicated to assisting European companies in better understanding the opportunities and processes of investing in Indonesia.
It is a free service for companies, funded by the EU-Indonesia Trade Cooperation Facility and offers a Europe-focused dimension to BKPM’s investment promotion and facilitation services.
The EU Desk team comprises European and Indonesian advisors working in close collaboration with BKPM’s various departments and specialists.

The EU Desk supports companies considering investing in Indonesia with:



    Looking for detailed insights into the market opportunity, national and regional capabilities and relevant incentives and regulations for your sector? The EU Desk can provide you with a customised presentation


    If you have specific questions relating to the investment process, regulations or market conditions and opportunities, the EU Desk offers a facilitation service to provide you with the answers you need.


    The EU Desk is your entry point to the Indonesian authorities and other stakeholders that can help you in Indonesia. If you’re planning a visit to Indonesia, the EU Desk can provide support with your itinerary.

Indonesia offers a wealth of attractive investment opportunities across a broad range of sectors. A small selection of these sectors are outlined briefly below.

The EU Desk will be happy to provide you with customised information on the market opportunities and Indonesia’s capabilities in your particular line(s) of business.

    The Government invites foreign companies to take advantage of investment opportunities in infrastructure. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) continue to be supported to accelerate infrastructure development in areas such as: transport, power generation, water supply and water management.

    Manufacturing is one of the pillars of the Indonesian economy. The sector grouping contributes 24% to GDP and it grew by 6.7% in 2013. The main opportunities for foreign investors are in: food and beverages, automotive and heavy industry, chemicals and basic metal products.

    Indonesia is embracing ICT and software products and solutions like never before. Demand for innovative ICT and software solutions is growing rapidly in the world’s fourth most populous nation, with a dynamic, young, and digitally-minded workforce and consumer base.

    With a growing population of nearly 250 million people, an increasing proportion of which is living in dense urban areas, Indonesia’s need for reliable, clean and sustainable sources of energy has never been greater.

For more details and a set of presentations on Indonesia’s key sector and project opportunities, please click here.


Follow the link below to download a copy of the EU Desk at BKPM brochure describing the activities the EU Desk at BKPM is conducting. The brochure is in English.
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