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  • Foreign Trade Policy: Basic Theory, Measurement, and Policy Options

    Components: Component 2 - Trade policy
    Start date:2015-10-03
    End date:October 04, 2015
    Location: Jakarta
    Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

Activity Description

Written by Wayan Susila, TCF Senior Expert in Trade Policy

TCF ran the second training on Trade Policy Analysis on 3-4 November in the TCF House. 17 Participants from the TRECYDA and the Directorate General of Foreign Trade gathered for the two-days training. The focus of the second training was on foreign trade policies, especially basic theories, impacts, and related method of analysis.

Junior and new trade policy analysis need to have a good understanding of the basic theories of foreign trade policies, improve their capacity on assessing the impacts of foreign trade policies and designing such policies.

On the first day, the training therefore focused on basic theory of various export and import policies and related methods of analysis to assess the impacts of the policies. On the second day, the participants worked in groups to analyze the impacts of a specific trade policy such as export tax or import tariff of a specific product. Based on the results of the analysis, they discussed and formulated policy alternatives, before presenting, at the end of the training, the results of analysis with all participants.

Participants appreciated the training and its materials and easily comprehend the techniques necessary for the analysis. The discussions amongst participants on policy options and impacts were very lively and showed their capacity in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.

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2015 2 A 11 TPA 1 Flyer Stabilisasi Harga Basic Training
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2015 2 A 11 TPA 1 Session 1 Basic Theory
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2015 2 A 11 TPA 1 Session 2 Faktor Penyebab Fluktuasi Theory
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2015 2 A 11 TPA 1 Session 3 Opsi Kebijakan Stabilisasi
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2015 2 A 11 TPA 1 Session 4 Estimasi Gejolak Harga
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2015 2 A 11 TPA 2 FlyerAgenda
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2015 2 A 11 TPA 2 Presentasi Case Export Tax CPO Kel PROAKTIF
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2015 2 A 11 TPA 2 Training Materials
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