Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Increasingly innovation is seen as the creator of future economic prosperity

TCF is helping to create a sustainable, long-term process of science, technology and innovation in Indonesia, working with a range of ministries, government agencies, banks, universities, cities and community-based groups to ensure that all actions are rooted in practical initiatives that help illuminate policy and practice. To this end we have been bringing resources from successful innovation organisations in Europe and combining them with the emerging innovation ecosystem in Indonesia. This has fostered a sharing of experience and the development of effective strategies and innovation support practices, especially in the areas of technology-industry collaboration, commercialisation of research, incubation of new businesses, science and technology parks, finance for innovation and related policies.

We have been working with three main government ministries/agencies on technology and innovation: the Ministry of Science and Technology (RISTEK), the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) and the Ministry of Industry (BPPI).

After the completion of the reorganisation at RISTEK, we have recommenced our work in the ministry, in particular on developing policy and practices for science and technology parks and the commercialisation of research.

Our support to BPPT has been focused on the reshaping of the agency to give it a more dynamic, market-led orientation. This has involved giving support to senior management, including the chairman, in strategy development and the primary options for change. Towards the end of 2015, a study visit to KAIST University in South Korea provided an example of integration of high level research, continuous business formation and close inter-relations with top innovation-based companies. Our overall focus in 2016 will be to help BPPT in its change management and to provide support for the resulting new approaches towards a dynamic, market orientation, in which the agency will make a major contribution to advancing technology and innovation in Indonesia.

Our work with BPPI has concentrated on the refocusing of the planning of the department and alignment of policy between HQ and the individual Balais. During the end of 2014 we began working with the Ministry of Industry BPKIMI (now BPPI), this support resulting in a roadmap for the development of a more business-focused approach for the Balai/Baristan research-technology development centres. Our activities with the Balais and other stakeholders in 2016 will focus on training and a number of pilot projects to further develop and disseminate some of the main tools and methodologies of innovation.

Next year we will also be responding to the need for cities to further develop their policies and encourage innovation by providing them with a simple index of innovation factors and awareness-raising. This index relates specifically to Indonesia and has been adapted as a development tool that is intended to help cities develop an environment conducive to innovation, helping them improve in those areas where they are relatively weak and building to their strengths.

Our three main areas of work in 2016 will be: institutional development, pilot projects and awareness raising. for more information please click here