Trade Policy

Countries who are open to international trade tend to grow faster

Trade policy measures can be used to counter trade threats, encourage export competitiveness and promote a transparent business environment.  The TCF project has been supporting the Ministry of Trade (MoT) by helping to create consistent and transparent practices in trade dispute remedies, analysing trade barriers in foreign markets, strengthening technical and legal capacity in trade negotiations, and developing trade policies designed to stimulate export growth.

Over the last three years we have been working with the MoT to strengthen capacity in trade negotiations, trade policy formulation, and legal services. Our project activities in 2016 will be a continuation of this work, with the aim of bringing it to a logical and successful conclusion in these three areas. Our focus will therefore be on:

  • Improving the quality, consistency and accountability of trade remedies and investigations;
  • Strengthening trade defence mechanisms;
  • Improving the capacity to enhance value creation from bi-regional and multi-lateral trade negotiations; and
  • Improving the linkages between research and policy formulation for evidence-based policy making.

Training has been provided, and will continue to be provided, to the following units in the MoT: the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DPP); the Safeguards Committee (KPPI); the Anti-dumping and Countervailing Committee (KADI); the Centre for International Trade Advocacy (PUSDAPI); the Trade Policy Analysis and Development Agency (TRECYDA); and the Directorate General of International Trade Cooperation (DG ITC).

Our programme in 2016 covers the following core MoT competencies:

Trade Policy

Our activities are aimed at strengthening the research capacities of the MoT, building the links between research and policy formulation and increasing the awareness of emerging issues and debates in international trade. Through these activities we intend to improve the quality of research and strengthen the ability of officials to draft clear and precise policy recommendations.

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Trade Negotiations

Our activities here are aimed at improving the capacity of the MoT to enhance value creation from bi-regional, and multi-lateral trade negotiations. This will improve the ability of officials to respond to negotiating propositions and strengthen the confidence of negotiators when designing negotiating strategies and tactics, both of which are of the upmost importance to the MoT.

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Trade Defence

Our activities in the field of trade defence will be aimed at:

Ensuring high-quality, consistent and accountable processes in anti-dumping investigations and trade safeguards. Investigators need specific accounting skills to address technical issues during investigations, namely pricing analysis and cost accounting. The quality of this analysis is crucial for the success and robustness of the safeguards and anti-dumping investigations.

Strengthening the capacity to act against trade barriers in foreign markets. We will do this by improving the capacity of staff to carry out systematic analyses of trade barriers, building their confidence to deal with trade remedy investigations in foreign countries and improving the ability of MoT officials to formulate legal arguments, use WTO case law, and draft notes and contributions to disputes and committee meetings.

Improving the quality, consistency and accountability of the government’s trade remedies investigations. We will raise awareness and share best practice in order to help MoT officials with the procedural aspects of anti-subsidy investigations.

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Nation Branding

Nation branding is one of Indonesia’s most valuable intangible assets, reflecting perceptions of the country’s products in terms of reputation, trust and quality.
Working with the Directorate General for National Export Development (DGNED) and other key line ministries, we are supporting the creation of a fresh strategy and approach to nation branding that will give voice to the government’s long range targets for a dynamic economy that benefits all citizens.

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